3 players the New York Knicks could use as trade bait

The New York Knicks could be looking to engage in trade talks as the season progresses. Sitting three games back from .500, the Knicks are in a better position than most believed. Considering the organization has been so bad the past few years, head coach Tom Thibodeau was working with a band of misfit toys. However, he’s done a stellar job installing his system extracting the best out of each individual player.

Even though the Knicks are playing above expectations, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use more support. Whispers have indicated potential interest in Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine. While it is highly unlikely Chicago traded LaVine, if the Knicks are offering a great deal, they should at least consider.

Other players have also been connected to New York over the past few weeks, including Bradley Beal and Lonzo Ball. If President Leon Rose wants to explore these areas, he does have a bit of ammunition he can float.

Three players the New York Knicks could use as trade-bait:

1.) Frank Ntilikina

The obsession with Frank Ntilikina is quite interesting to me. He is an elite defensive player that essentially holds no offensive value. He has never averaged more than 6.3 points per game, even when averaging 20.8 points minutes last season. So far this year, he has only played in four games, averaging just 10.5 minutes on the court. He is becoming a non-factor in the Knicks’ system and rotation; considering his value and ripe age of 22, there could be a team out there that feel they can unlock his potential.

2.) Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox is another player that the Knicks could utilize in a trade scenario. He’s played in 20 games this year averaging 18.2 minutes but is only averaging 6.1 points per game. His offensive production is also questionable, and his defense is often times lackluster. At 21, he was he is still extremely young, but NY might be looking to acquire more proven talent and he could be a good option to sell on.

3.) Dennis Smith Jr.

Smith Jr. is more of a toss-up at this point, considering he’s been sent to the bottom of the bench. He has made an appearance just three times this year, averaging 9.3 minutes. He is a player that has all of the athletic tools but just simply can’t put it together on the court. Whether it’s poor decision making or poor shooting, Smith Jr. has done nothing to help himself. Despite working extremely hard to refine his talents, the Knicks are better off moving on from the DSJ era.