2 trade candidates the Knicks should stay far away from

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It’s clear that the New York Knicks will be linked to a host of potential trade targets this off-season. They’ve already been associated with Joel Embiid, Jaylen Brown, among others.

However, certain names can be discounted due to their insufficient star quality and playoff dominance.

Here are two trade prospects the Knicks should disregard:

1.) Kristaps Porzingis

Some have suggested the idea of the Knicks re-acquiring Kristaps Porzingis, now 27 years old and fresh from a career-best season in terms of average points per game.

Serving as a center and power forward, Porzingis took part in 65 games, with a field goal percentage of .498, including .385 from three-point range, and a free-throw percentage of .851.

Recording 23.2 points per game, Porzingis undeniably possesses offensive prowess, yet he lacks the superstar capability that the Knicks require to elevate their team.

Considering Jalen Brunson’s current leadership, the Knicks might prefer to retain Julius Randle as their secondary star if they’re seriously contemplating Porzingis as a substitute.

Furthermore, Porzingis will become a free agent after the 2023–24 season, commanding $36 million. While he might opt out of his contract’s final year, seeking to sign an extension elsewhere, he could potentially exploit that last season to secure a significant payday one more time before accepting a lower offer.

Nonetheless, the Knicks shouldn’t even contemplate Porzingis again, particularly since they require additional wing support and better perimeter proficiency.

2.) Karl-Anthony Towns

If the Knicks are considering absorbing a massive contract, the four-year, $224 million agreement that Karl-Anthony Towns recently inked would certainly qualify.

KAT, a 27-year-old New Jersey native, spends substantial time in New York. Having recently enjoyed an exciting Yankees victory against the Baltimore Orioles on a Tuesday evening, KAT is already acclimated to the Big Apple.

Despite averaging 20.8 points in just 29 games last season, there’s concern that his health could pose a significant risk. He hasn’t participated in over 80 games since 2017 and has only managed more than 70 games once in his last four seasons.

Of course, KAT’s extensive experience with Tom Thibodeau makes him a logical choice. However, should the Knicks have the opportunity to acquire Embiid, an MVP contender, he would undoubtedly be a superior choice.

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