The New York Jets have a Leadership Issue

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The New York Jets are spiraling out of control, and it’s due to poor leadership. Adam Gase and Chris Johnson need to answer for their incompetence.

The latest news to come out of the Jets locker room is that Jets’ team captain Quincy Enunwa was fined for missing two appointments with the team doctor without notifying the team.

If that was the whole story it would be a quick and easy win for the Jets. They fined a player for breaking team protocol. Sadly, that isn’t the whole story though.

The whole story involves the Jets posting the fine on a monitor for the whole team to see. Airing Quincy Enunwa’s dirty laundry caused by personal manners to be put on display. Something that former players including former Jet Damien Woody found to be completely unprofessional.

So, Enunwa did what so many Jets players have done this year, take it to the media. He posted a long Twitter rant explaining the situation and how he felt slighted by the team. He has a right to be upset as well.

This also isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Former Jets’ backup QB Luke Falk and former Jets’ guard Kelechi Osemele have also lodged complaints about the way the team has dealt with their injuries.

Jamal Adams made his feelings on being mentioned in trade rumors known. Brian Winters screamed at his Sam Darnold and got into an argument with Adam Gase on the sidelines in a game earlier this season. Even Leonard Williams made comments about how much better the culture is with the Giants then the Jets.

These are all indictments against Adam Gase. A man who has failed to live up to his billing as a brilliant offensive mind this season. Under Gase, the team has not only fostered a toxic relationship with multiple players but has also not won any games.

That on its own should be more than enough for the Jets to say that Gase’s time here should be done. It’s a clear show of his poor leadership and ability to coach a football team.

Instead, the Jets CEO Chris Johnson decided to guarantee that his failed HC choice would be her another year. That’s unfathomable. It’s almost like the team is trying to destroy their reputation around the league.

This is an issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as humanly possible but can’t be. Why, because the Jets principal owner Woody Johnson is the American ambassador to England. Meaning that he is not around to reign this disaster in.

So, that means Adam Gase and Chris Johnson get free reign to continue to drag this team through the mud.

The only hope that Jets fans have now is new GM Joe Douglas. They have to hope that he will be able to wrestle power away from Gase or provide some stability to the franchise. That’s it, hope that one man can fix the damage of two still in power.

It’s a sad time to be a Jets fan. The team is imploding and all anyone can do is watch.

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