New York Jets: Why the Jets Should Keep Jamal Adams

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams has been the heart and soul of the New York Jets ever since he stepped up to the podium on draft night. Adams has become a fan favorite and arguably the best safety in the entire NFL due to his ability to wreak havoc against opposing offenses. What Adams brings to the Jets on and off the field is irreplaceable, so the question is what should the Jets pay him?


Based off production Jamal Adams is one of the best safeties of the past decade. Since 2010 only 10 defensive backs have more tackles for loss than Adams, only five have more QB hits than Adams and only one has more sacks than Adams. Jamal Adams is a game-changer and a two time all-pro safety. When Adams steps on the field you can expect nothing less than 110 percent throughout all four quarters.


Jamal Adams has been the biggest leader on this team since the day he got drafted. Anyone at One Jets Drive can recognize his boisterous voice as he is always yelling about something. Whether he is calling out an offensive play or giving his teammates words of encouragement he makes sure his presence in the locker room is known. Jamal actively converses with players on social media to recruit them over to the Jets and to continue expanding his outreach in the NFL community.


It’s hard to gauge how much the New York Jets would be willing to pay Jamal Adams because there is no one to compare him to. Jamal is easily the most productive safety in the league, and he is extremely versatile. A fair deal for Jamal Adams would be a 6 year 93-million-dollar deal with 45 million dollars guaranteed. This deal would make him the highest-paid defensive back in the league, and it would be a bargain considering that other DB’s like Minkah Fitzpatrick will set the market potentially higher.

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