New York Jets: What is Robby Anderson Worth to the New York Jets?

New York Jets, Robby Anderson

New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson is due to hit free agency in just a couple of months. Robby Anderson has been a fan favorite ever since he stepped on the field back in 2016. Robby’s story is one of dedication and sacrifice to reach the highest level of competition in the world. But has he done enough to earn a second contract with gang green?



Robby Anderson came into the league as an undrafted player coming out of Temple University. During his time at Temple, he missed the 2014 season due to academic eligibility but also recorded the second-most ever reception and yardage totals in school history. Robby entered Jets training camp to earn a spot in a crowded wide receiver room that included stars like Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. During training camp and preseason Robby impressed coaches and earned a roster spot over Charone Peake, Jeremy Ross, and Chandler Worthy.


Robby Anderson has been the most productive wide receiver on the Jets since 2017 while also being the Jets only deep threat. Since he started in 2016 Robby has averaged 14.8 yards a catch and has recorded over 3000 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns. Robby has also become Sam Darnold’s most trusted target over the past year, therefore increasing his value to the team. There is no doubt that Robby has been the Jets premier playmaker this past couple of years, but is he worth the 13-15-million-dollar price tag he allegedly wants?

Final Decision

The New York Jets have a big decision to make here but at the end of the day, I think they must cut bait with Robby Anderson. Robby has been great for the team, but he has never produced a 1000-yard season and is not a complete receiver. The upcoming draft is loaded with wide receivers that are just as good as Robby Anderson at just a fraction of the cost. If Robby Anderson wants to remain a New York Jet, he must lower his price tag to at least 10 million dollars. If the Jets were to pay a middle-tier wide receiver 13-15 million dollars in the name of chemistry, then it will demonstrate that they do not know how to evaluate talent and are content with overpaying average players.


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