New York Jets: Team Quarterly Report Weeks 1-4

New York Jets, LeVeon Bell
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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have finally made it to October, the most glorious month in sports. Unfortunately for New York Jets fans, October will only cause tears to flow out of our faces. We’re only a quarter into the NFL season and the Jets have proven to be one of the worst teams in the league. Let’s evaluate how the Jets have performed as a team over the past four weeks and why there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

Week 1

Well, we all remember this day, don’t we? A day full of excitement and hope for our bright future and potential emergence into the NFL spotlight. Oh, how we were all misled. We all know the story, the Jets come out and bully Josh Allen take a 16-0 lead and blow it. But why did that happen? We can all blame Kaare Vedvik for being probably the worst kicker the Jets have had ever but let’s dig deeper. Why was Adam Gase so conservative in his game plan against the Bills? I understand Bill’s defense is a top unit but look at how many opportunities the Jets had to close out that game.

I find it hard to believe that a missed extra point and field goal in the first quarter was the main reason we lost that game. The defense collapsed in the fourth quarter after losing C.J. Mosely. The entire team looked tired and unenthused when the game mattered most. Let’s call this a mulligan because there is no way we’re this bad of a team, right?

Week 2

It’s Monday night football baby we’re scheduled to play the Cleveland Browns on national television what could go wrong? Unfortunately for the Jets, everything went wrong. Let’s skip over losing our franchise QB to Mono and get right into the disaster that was our game against the Browns. The entire game we seemed to not be able to move the ball at all on offense even before we lost our Trevor Siemian to an ankle injury. The game plan was pathetic and was filled with nothing but crossing routes, bubble screens, and flats.

The defense wasn’t much better either they did as best as they could but if weren’t for the browns having the second most inept offense in the league the team would’ve gotten annihilated. Gregg Williams is probably our best coach but when both sides of the team can’t work cohesively it all fails. It was a bad loss for the Jets and it only got worse the next week.

Week 3

Let’s be real right now, nobody in the world thought the Jets had a shot in this game, but nobody thought the Jets would be this bad. With Adam Gase trotting out Luke Falk in his first career start the Jets offense seemed overwhelmed with the Patriots defense. The offensive line for the third week in a row has been terrible but even worse is the fact that Adam Gase gave up with just over four minutes left in a two-possession game. There is no excuse for that.

The defense struggled early on but recovered after the first half allowing the Jets to have a chance. The Offense, on the other hand, didn’t get past the 50-yard line until the 3rd quarter. The Offense went 0-12 on third down the entire game. This was a total embarrassment of a game. The Jets were lucky not to get shutout as their only point came from a muffed punt and a pick-six from the Patriots backup QB Jarrett Stidham. At least the football gods showed mercy by allowing the Jets to have an early bye week so their fans could rest their eyes after that brutal game.

Bye Week

Jets fans had a lot of optimism going into this bye week as it gave the team an opportunity to heal up for a brutal week 5 game against the Eagles in Philadelphia. Sam Darnold unfortunately still has mono, but he can do non-contact drills in practice. Adam Gase has stated that offensive line changes are coming, and I know every Jets fan cannot wait to see Ryan Khalil get replaced by Jonotthan Harrison. The Jets season has been a disaster so far but maybe just maybe they can pull a win out in Philly.

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