New York Jets place CJ Mosley on IR

The New York Jets‘ biggest addition this off-season was CJ Mosley. Sadly, Mosley’s injuries will limit him to just two games this season.

Adam Gase has announced that the New York Jets are placing star linebacker CJ Mosley on IR. That will put a disappointing end Mosley’s first season with the team.

The Jets have severely missed CJ Mosley this season. Despite the league-leading run defense and top-10 defense in DVOA, his absence has been felt.

CJ Mosley’s two replacements Neville Hewitt and James Burgess have graded out as two of the worst pass coverage linebackers in the NFL. Teams have been able to shred the Jets in zone coverage because neither is able to cover the middle of the field. Hewitt and Burgess are also among the team’s leaders in missed tackles.

Having CJ Mosley in the lineup would change the Jets defense. He would be ab;e to competently cover his zone and he would limit runs in the second level. Two things the Jets have severely struggled with.

None of this is to mention the amount of money Mosley is getting paid to miss the season. CJ Mosley is getting paid $19 million this year. That’s a lot of wasted money for the Jets.

When Mosley has been on the field he’s been a difference-maker. He was the Jets’ best player in week one against the Bills, and he stood out when he returned for a short while in week seven. He’s clearly still the All-Pro caliber players he was when the Jets signed him in the off-season.

Mosley is set to have surgery to fix his groin injury sooner rather than later. Adam Gase is optimistic that Mosely will be healthy in time for off-season activities.

Hopefully, Mosely will be healthy in 2020. the Jets defense isn’t the same without him.

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