New York Jets: Mike White still not cleared for contact, Zach Wilson will start Week 16

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With the New York Jets on a short week, all along, it seemed unlikely that Mike White would be able to go with his rib injury.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh met with reporters this morning and did confirm that White is still not cleared for contact. For the second-straight game, Zach Wilson will get the start, with, once again, a prime chance to prove himself.

The New York Jets need consistency from Zach Wilson:

In his first start after being benched, the Jets got the type of execution that most expected from Wilson. A few extraordinay highlight-reel plays on the move in which he shows such promising glimpses of his potential. And, some awfully low moments from within the pocket in which his accuracy and decision-making remained an issue.

With the Jets now 7-7, vying for a playoff berth, they need more consistency over the course of four quarters from their second-year quarterback. Some of the splash plays in spurts are still to be expected from Wilson outside of the pocket. However, he needs to be so much more reliable throughout the entirety of the game with his ball placement when operating as a drop back quarterback for the Jets’ offense.

Luckiy, for the Jets, they get an extreme advantage going into this matchup. Being the road team on a short week is one of the tougher challenges throughout the NFL season. With the Jacksonville Jaguars traveling in on short rest, the Jets need to be the more physical, fast football team on the field in this game. Especialy with it now being so late in the season with players even more worn out physically.

The Jaguars have the 27th-ranked defense in football entering this one. So, for Wilson, now two consecutive games going up against a bottom-six-ranked defensive unit. Their pass defense is also toward the bottom, as they rank 29th in the league.

Whether it be the arm or athletic talent, Wilson has it and displays moments of his great ability. He has a favorable matchup in multiple ways at his disposal coming up and needs to now deliver consistency to help the Jets push their way into the playoffs.

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