New York Jets: Jets vs Dolphins Predictions Week 9

New York Jets

Week 9 of the NFL season is going to feature the New York Jets vs the Miami Dolphins, a game so bad that it might be good. The Miami Dolphins have been so bad that it looks like they’re trying to lose on purpose. The Jets have been so bad that wearing the team jersey would’ve made you win best clown costume at a Halloween party last week. Tuning into this game is going to be the equivalent of watching two turtles run the Boston Marathon, slow painful torture for the eyes. However, if you’re rooting for the better draft position this is going to be a key game for the Jets. Whichever way you slice it this game is going to be a mess.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have looked decent by their standards with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB the last 3 weeks. If they can continue coming out hot, especially with a Jets defense that has trouble stopping teams in the first half, then they might be able to take an easy victory against a division rival. If the Dolphins want to win, they must find a way to stop Le’Veon Bell and get pressure on Sam Darnold. It would be a huge morale booster for the Dolphins to win this game because they’ll be playing for revenge against their ex-head coach Adam Gase who is on the Jets sideline now.

New York Jets

Adam Gase must win this game. That’s it, that’s all I have to say to him. If Adam Gase losses against his ex-team who also happen to be the worst team in the league, then the Jets should make him walk back to New Jersey and fire him when he finally reaches One Jets Drive. A loss against the Dolphins would be catastrophic in every sense for the Jets. An already disgruntled locker room will become as toxic as Chernobyl if they lose to the Dolphins.


Unfortunately, I cannot say with 100 percent certainty that the New York Jets will win this game against the Miami Dolphins. This game could go either way I can see either team winning, it but I’ll give the Jets the advantage in this one. I think that the Jets will go down to the south beach and take care of business with a 21-7 win over the Dolphins. As a Jet fan, I’m hoping they lose against the Dolphins as it’ll be the best thing for the franchise moving forward in terms of getting rid of Gase, but as always, the Jets will let me down when it matters most.

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