New York Jets Film Room: Nine of Mike White’s best throws from Week 14

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The third start leading the New York Jets for Mike White was yet another encouraging one.

His toughness was obviously on display all throughout Sunday’s game in Buffalo. White once again made some incredibly accurate throws which we will see below. His ability to throw with anticipation on all three levels was evident.

Before diving into the tape, with enough of a sample size now, here are some important stats to note from White’s first three games. Over the last three weeks, the Jets’ offense has totaled 1,261 yards. White, specifically, has thrown for 952 yards. Some impressive stuff.

Without further ado, let’s review nine of the best throws made by White in Week 14.

New York Jets Film Room: Mike White:

This first rep is White’s first completion on the day.

Perhaps, there is nothing special about the throw, as it is a simple slant that should be completed.

However, it is the situation to make note of in which White rises up to.

Pinned back inside your own five, early in the game, in one of the most hostile environments in the NFL, on a third down no less. Despite all those challenging factors, White showed some of his strong mentality with this slant to Garrett Wilson, stepping into the throw on just the third play of the game for the Jets.

On play number two, yet another third and long conversion by White.

The Jets operate from 11 personnel (1 running back, 1 tight end). They bring Corey Davis in motion forming a 2×2 alignment.

A dagger concept is called up top, with Tyler Conklin running the go and Davis running an in behind. Conklin does a great job of carrying the linebacker (#49 Tremaine Edmunds) to open up (at about the 32-yard line), and with the boundary corner up top playing with outside shade, White knows he will have Davis all the way. He delivers an accurate throw.

Mike LaFleur rotates the launch point just a bit here for White. The Jets operate from 11 personnel once again.

Elijah Moore motions pre-snap, and the Jets fake the run to Zonovan “Bam” Knight. The Bills are in zone coverage with four defensive backs deep.

Wilson, on his over route, is able to occupy the free safety. Moore runs his route in behind. With the field side cornerback, Tre’Davious White, in zone, again, the Jets get leverage to the inside, making this a possible throw for White to make.

White, with pressure barreling down, gets the throw out to Moore just in time. Despite taking a punishing hit, White stands in the pocket and delivers one accurate throw roughly 30 yards downfield with touch between Edmunds and White to Moore.

The fourth play of this review comes as White re-enters the game for the first of two times with his rib injury. Also, on another third and long.

The Jets are in 11 once again. A pre-snap zone coverage indicator is given as the Jets open up with three wide receivers at the bottom of your screen as the Bills have one cornerback up top. The Jets motion Denzel Mims to make it a 2×2. From a coverage standpoint, the Bills dial up a Cover 3 buzz as Jordan Poyer works down from a split look and Damar Hamlin takes the deep-middle third of the Cover 3. They do also happen to rush a fifth defender.

At the bottom, the Jets switch Wilson and Moore at the release. Moore (outside) works in underneath. Wilson (slot) breaks out on the intermediate level.

Yet again, with pressure right in his face, White stands in and delivers an accurate out-breaking ball with anticipation to Wilson moving the chains for the Jets offense.

On play five, the Jets go empty with three wide receivers and two tight ends. The Jets get a pre-snap coverage indicator again. With Conklin lined out wide (up top) and linebacker Matt Milano out there with him, White knows he has man coverage. The Bills give a Cover 1 look with Poyer deep all alone. However, they rotate Hamlin at the snap, leading to Cover 2 Man.

LaFleur calls a three-level/flood concept to the trips side of the alignment at the bottom. Moore clears it out vertically, Wilson breaks out once again on the intermediate level, and CJ Uzomah stays underneath on the flat.

Wilson gains a ton of separation at the top of his break, and White leads him with another dime near the sideline.

To some, this is White’s best throw of the day.

The Jets are in 11 with a bunch set to the bottom.

The Bills again go with a Cover 3 buzz, except this time, do not rush a fifth player.

Mims, to the outside of the bunch, does a great job shielding off the Bills’ slot cornerback, Taron Johnson, just enough, who, by his reaction and instant speed, clearly feels this route coming. The subtle pic set allows Braxton Berrios space to run his wheel route.

Dane Jackson, the Bills cornerback at the bottom, is playing to the inside with the tight bunch set, allowing for some space to the outside. White sees it and between Johnson and Jackson, delivers one elite, tight-window throw to Berrios downfield.

With this rep, LaFleur gets White on the move with a play-action boot. Out of 11 personnel, the Jets bring Berrios on a jet-motion and fake the run behind it.

The Bills rotate Hamlin down late to match the motion with any potential jet-sweep. The Bills are in Cover 3. Thanks to the jet-motion and run fake, Jackson, the corner at the bottom responsible for one deep-third, comes up just enough, leaving room for the throw.

Mims, from the slot up top, runs the over route against the flow of the defense. White, moving to his right, delivers an accurate pass.

On this rep, we see some anticipation on a quicker throw from White.

As the linebacker, Milano is out wide up top matching the running back, Knight, White knows he has man-to-man coverage.

With the strong safety, Poyer, roaming in the box near the line of scrimmage, there is a void over the middle with no robber/lurk defender to the Cover 1.

It leads to a clear window for White to complete this throw over the middle to Wilson as he cuts in. White throws this one with some great anticipation again as he winds up well before Wilson turns his head inside, delivering it on the money.

On the final play, the Jets are empty with 11 personnel. The Bills drop into Tampa 2, but thanks to good time in the pocket and seeing the field, White still exploits the deep middle.

Moore does a great job of sitting down in the soft spot, and with late pressure in his face, White is able to get just enough on it.

From the end zone view, White shows some terrific eye manipulation. Looking out to his right, he is able to get Edmunds to open up to the boundary, creating a window for the throw to Moore.

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