New York Jets Embarrassed by the Cincinnati Bengals 22-6

New York Jets, Adam Gase
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The New York Jets played one of their worst games of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The New York Jets should be embarrassed. The performance in this game was abysmal and pathetic. They put up just six points on one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

Sam Darnold was 28/48 for just 239 yards. The only good thing to say about the passing game today was that they didn’t turn the ball over. Darnold was under constant pressure and was sacked four times. Carlos Dunlap came into the day with just 2.5 sacks on the season, he had three in this game.

The Jets receivers had an awful day. They dropped pass after pass. None of them helped their QB today. Robby Anderson did have a big day though, with 7 receptions for 101 yards. Even Robby had two major drops, one in the End Zone and one on a fourth down.

The Jets offensive line continued to beat themselves all day. The Jets were called for 10 penalties today, nine of them were either holding or illegal block in the bock. That’s unacceptable in any game, but it’s even worse against the team with the second-worst pass rush in the NFL. One of those holding penalties was in the End Zone, which caused a safety.

The Jets defense came to play today. They gave up just 20 points, 17 in the first half. They kept the team in the game. Had the Jets offense been able to put together just three scoring drives in the second half they would have won the game, but they didn’t.

Even more embarrassing is the fact that the Jets set a record today. They became the first team in NFL history to give  two teams who came into the game 0-7 or worse their first win. That’s embarrassing, and they should be ashamed.

Adam Gase’s Jets have lost by eight or more to teams who currently have records under .500 five times this season. That’s the most in team history. If that doesn’t get a head coach fired then nothing does.

The Jets are set to host the Miami Dolphins next Sunday. Hopefully, they can shake this embarrassment off and come to play.