New York Jets: David Carr details Derek’s ‘great trip’

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The suspense just continues to mount for New York Jets fans as the days go by, patiently awaiting the news of who the next quarterback will be.

Last Friday, the biggest update yet was shared, as Derek Carr was scheduled to fly in and visit with the Jets this weekend.

Following the weekend visit, the question has become, how did things go between Carr and the Jets? Well, late last night, absolutely no source better as David Carr, Derek’s older brother, shared some insight into how things went on NFL Network.

David Carr states that Derek had a “great trip” meeting with the New York Jets:

On NFL Total Access Monday night, David shared the following about his brother’s visit.

“Derek had a great trip. So, he went there to get a feel for how they work, from the top down. Everyone he met, and we knew he would love Robert Saleh. I’ve known Robert for a while. He’s fantastic. And they hit it off. And they would love to work together. But, there’s a lot of questions that have to be asked.

He has to find out how the inner workings obviously, the front office works. But then, also, I think the most important thing for him, as a veteran quarterback, what is it gonna be like as an offensive play-caller and a quarterback and that relationship? Todd Downing is there, he has a relationship with Todd. Nathaniel Hackett is also there. So, how does all of that work? And they had a good chat. They talked about a lot of different things.

And, obviously, the team is just in need of a quarterback, some stability there. They have a lot of good components. There’s a lot of things that are very positive about the Jets, he had a great trip. It’s honestly gonna be a long process though. He really only has the Saints, the Raiders, and the Jets to kind of compare those three places. And so, he wants to do due diligence and see as many places as he can to get a feel for what the best place for him will be.”

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Certainly, tons of encouraging, valuable inside scoop here from David. Ultimately, knowing that Derek’s visit with the Jets went “great” provides optimism that something can get done in the future.

Shortly after David’s comments last night, some more buzz was reported. Mike Garafolo, also of NFL Network, tweeted the following on how things with Derek and the Jets went.

“Derek Carr’s visit with the Jets resulted in rave reviews on both ends. Was very productive for Carr and the team. Both sides have multiple irons in the fire, so we wait and see how it plays out. But all parties came away feeling good about a possible fit.”

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The last bit of buzz on Carr’s meeting with the Jets last night came from Connor Hughes of SNY who stated the following.

“Yeah, it went great. It went great for both sides. You know, for Derek Carr, he got a chance to meet with the Jets coaching staff, the Jets front office, Jets ownership. He really hit it off with all of those guys. From the Jets’ side of things, they were able to meet and really get to know Derek Carr and those concerns that were around, about how his personality might mesh in New York. He completely, Derek Carr, erased all of those. The Jets have absolutely no concerns with that whatsoever, right now.

So, now, the next step for Derek Carr, from my understanding, is that he does plan to take another visit, maybe a couple of more visits, he does want to meet with all of the teams that are potentially interested in him. But, the timeline for him on signing, it’s probably within the next couple of weeks because Carr wants to have his deal done before the start of free agency so that he can help bring in, and help kind of play the bargainer to bring other people with him to the team that he ends up choosing. Be that negotiator himself, to try to bring in some help as well.”

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All of these reports last night follow what Jeff Darlington of ESPN shared yesterday morning. He was told that it was a “very positive meeting”. Furthermore, that “the Jets really believe that Derek Carr is the type of quarterback that can lead to a potential championship. They also believe that the meeting went really well.”

Definitely, a lot of good reports from multiple insiders on Carr’s visit with the Jets. Now, we wait and see how things continue to progress for both Carr and the Jets in the near future.

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