Jets’ Zach Wilson might not be a great fit for their offensive scheme, per Daniel Jeremiah

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When Daniel Jeremiah speaks on the New York Jets, the fanbase has come to listen.

Jeremiah has close ties with the Jets thanks to his relationship with general manager, Joe Douglas. The two worked together for four years (2003-06) with the Baltimore Ravens. Douglas was a scout, and Jeremiah worked in personnel and as a west coast scout.

When the Jets hired Douglas in June of 2019, there was some buzz that Jeremiah could potentially join the organization as well.

It is fair to say Jeremiah has intel on what is going on with the Jets better than most.

At the moment, there are few more polarizing Jets to discuss than Zach Wilson. The Jets’ second overall draft pick in 2021 has all the talent and shows glimpses of potential, but overall, is still way too inconsistent. Yesterday with Jet fan Rich Eisen on his show, Jeremiah was asked about Wilson and shared the following.

Daniel Jeremiah on New York Jets QB Zach Wilson:

On The Rich Eisen Show, Jeremiah had this to say about the Jets’ second-year signal-caller.

“I don’t know that it’s a great fit right now, with what they’re trying to do. I think he is a, if you’re going to use a baseball reference, I think he is a home run hitter who is going to have a low batting average. And there’s certain baseball teams that play with those types of players and have success. And there’s other teams that want you to put the ball in play. This is an offense that is a rhythm, timing-based offense.”

Shortly after this quote, Jeremiah did make known a few other noteworthy things.

Knowing his experience as a former scout, that sometimes prior to drafting a player, you may think you have one thing in that player but ultimately do not.

He said that the Jets have got to shift and change how they do things to accommodate to Wilson as opposed to the other way around.

Jeremiah concluded by saying that he still believes Wilson “has a chance to be a successful player.”

Certainly, an interesting take and fair analysis of Wilson at this point in time. Wilson provided the Jets’ offense with the thrilling splash plays the other day. Still, it was a gut-wrenching loss in which, within structure, Wilson had his issues with whether it be accuracy, decision-making, or fundamentals.

On primetime in just two nights from now, with the Jets still in the playoff hunt, Wilson has one huge opportunity in front of him that he must make the most of. As usual, starting to show some consistency will be everything toward developing.

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