Former NFL DT Gerald McCoy has lofty expectations for the 2022 New York Jets

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Even following a potential franchise-changing NFL draft for the New York Jets, some media analysts are still skeptical about the win total for the team in 2022. It makes sense given the fact that the Jets have not made the playoffs since the 2010 season. The team will have to go out and prove themselves. However, a fast turnaround from any team in the NFL can never come as a complete surprise.

Recently retired long-time NFL defensive tackle Gerald McCoy had quite the bold yet exciting take on the 2022 Jets win total. When speaking about the Jets on NFL Network, McCoy spoke highly of Zach Wilson, his arm strength, as well as the Jets’ offense and defense with the offseason acquisitions.

McCoy thinks it is unlikely that the Jets can win the division but can compete. He ended up with a projection of 10 wins for the Jets this year. It concluded with him being asked who would win more games between the Jets and Dolphins. McCoy went with the Jets.

It is promising for Jets fans to hear recent former great, respected players say good things about the team. Ultimately, the Jets’ talent on paper is significantly better.

Reasonable expectations

Throughout this offseason, the organization has made it known publicly that the expectation is to be in the mix come December. When considering all the new talent with the year of experience gained together by most of this core last year, being competitive late in the season should be the goal.

With it now being year two of the rebuild led by Robert Saleh, Mike LaFleur, Wilson, and the rest of the thrilling 2021 draft class, progress must be shown in the win column. In most games, even against stellar competition, this team should be keeping games tight late. To be in the playoff hunt in late November, early December would indicate progress. Whether it is progress in the form of 7-8 wins or 10 and a playoff appearance, the Jets should be a substantially better football team in 2022.

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