New York Islanders: The Islanders’ plan for the rest of free agency

New York Islanders, Johnny Boychuk

The NHL 2020 free agency has officially hit a dead period. What do I mean by a dead period? I mean there’s absolutely nothing happening at all. This dead period is where New York Islanders‘ general manager Lou Lamoriello thrives. Lamoriello knows how to make a splash out of absolutely nowhere. I mean just a week ago, Devon Toews was traded out of nowhere. Lamoriello has something up his sleeves and all it takes is one move to put it all in motion. What is his true plan though?

Trading Away Johnny Boychuk and Leo Komarov

Oh, it’s a long-overdue move for the Islanders. If the Islanders can somehow dump both these players and retain no salary in return, Lamoriello will be one of the greatest general managers’s in Isles history. This move opens $9 million in cap space. Do you know who costs $9 million dollars? Mat Barzal.

It’s no secret that these two are on the trade block right now, but that doesn’t mean this move is bound to happen. Yes, I know for a fact there are a few suitors for Boychuk, but the deal isn’t right yet. Yes, I also know that at least one of the second-round picks from the Toews trade will be used to ship Boychuk off. Finally, I know that Leo Komarov will be moved with the other one.

Signing One Top Forward

There are only two top forwards left on the market. One doesn’t have an agent and the other one wants a one-year deal. The Islanders must sign either Anthony Duclair or Mike Hoffman. If the Islanders sign either one, this will end up being one of the most successful free agencies in a long time. I’d rather the Islanders sign Duclair, due to the fact that he has less of an ego. But, no one can complain if the Isles sign Hoffman.

Resign the Rest

Mat Barzal and Ryan Pulock will be resigned, but not yet. The Isles know that they’ll be able to retain both of their superstars. Knowing this, Lamoriello has decided to resign/sign other minor players. Islander fans, Barzal and Pulock are not going anywhere. Lamoriello has them in his pocket, it’s okay.