New York Islanders sign Ryan Pulock to extension

Ryan Pulock, New York Islanders

As stated many times, the New York Islanders are strapped for cap space. But, the Islanders finally struck a deal with one of their big-name free agents. Ryan Pulock has been re-signed after what seems like years of anticipation.

Pulock was heading to his arbitration date on Friday. I know Lamoriello is thanking his stars that he struck a deal before this court hearing. Lou Lamoriello worked his magic once again, and it helps the Isles a lot.


This contract is not a long term deal, but no one expected it to be. Bridge deals were the only things that could keep Pulock/Barzal on the Island. This deal is only 2 years long, but it’s smart. This locks up Pulock until Nick Leddy’s, and Johnny Boychuk’s contracts are up. Then Pulock can get the big money that he deserves, but that’s in another two years. Pulock has another two years to put up even more points and even more hits to earn a longer deal. I believe he will earn 5-6 years when his next deal is ready. Ryan Pulock is the guy on the Island, and he will be paid like one in 2 years.


I estimated Ryan Pulock to be awarded $6.5 million a year. Lou Lamoriello has pushed that contract value down to just $5 million. This is why Lamoriello is still a top general manager in the league, he signed a top 20 defenseman for just $5 million. This leaves about $4 million left over for Barzal, but there’s about $14 million left to be awarded because of NHL rules. Lou Lamoriello has done it again, and he’s made Islander fans happy once again.