New York Islanders: Reverse retro jersey reaction

The New York Islanders Reverse Retro jerseys are finally here, and damn, they look good. It’s a jersey based on tradition, based on the dynasty of the Islanders. These jerseys are the epitome of what Lou Lamoriello stands for.

This is not a general manager who cares for the little things. Lamoriello is here to help the Isles win a cup, not look clean for only 3 games a year. As I’ve said before, Lou Lamoriello didn’t even want to have a Reverse Retro jersey. But, even without the care for a new jersey, I still think the jersey is as good as it could’ve been.

The Blue

The blue is a dark navy that suites the Islanders really well. I wanted the Islanders to look like supervillains on the ice. And the dark navy only compliments that statement. It’s boarding on purple, and it’s just beautiful. When it came to the blue, all I wanted was for it to be much darker. Definitely gives off that 1980’s feel. Just what everyone wanted to feel. The teams are similar—immense talent on both teams with an even better coach.

The Stripes

The stripes were flipped from the home jersey. Normally the orange is on top of the white, now it’s the other way around. I think it actually looks better that way. The way that the orange looks on the dark navy really pops. I would almost want the orange to be darker than what it is. I think the colors contrast really well between these two jerseys. There’s nothing I hate about this Reverse Retro jersey. My expectations for creativity weren’t high, and it worked out. I think these jerseys are fine for the Islanders. They are here to win championships, not to have the best alternate jersey in the league