New York Islanders: New Arena Name Revealed

3d rendered image of belmont park
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The New York Islanders finally have a permanent home, and now that home has a name. “The UBS at Belmont Park” is the name of the Islanders’ arena for at least the next 20 years. The deal is worth a minimum of $275 million and the arena will sit 17,000 fans per game. Every arena has a name, but every good arena has a nickname; the Nassau Coliseum was nicknamed “The Barn”, FIU stadium is nicknamed “The Cage” etc… What will Islanders fans call their new home?

The Options

UBS stands for The United Bank of Switzerland, so Islanders owner Jon Ledecky wants to call the new arena “The Bank”. I think this is a great name, it’s very simple and marketable.

However, other fans want to call the new arena “The Barn 2.0”. I am not a fan of this name at all. The Nassau Coliseum is the only arena worthy of ever being called “The Barn”. Even though, Jon Ledecky says he wants to transfer the energy the Coliseum had to the UBS, sometimes it’s better to leave history in the past. Another name for the arena is “The Stable”. This is by far my favorite name; if the last arena was called “The Barn”, why not call the new one “The Stable”? Especially since Belmont Park is home to many famous horse races such as the Belmont Stakes, the Jockey Club Gold Club, and the Champagne Stakes.


No matter what the new beautiful arena will be called, Islanders fans are just glad to have some stability in their lives for the first time since the move to Brooklyn. Long LIve Belmont.

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