New York Islanders: Jordan Eberle must have a bounce-back season

New York islanders, Jordan Eberle

New York Islanders‘ forward Jordan Eberle had a down year in 2019. Another disappointing season after acquiring the top 6 forward. The Islanders traded for Eberle back in 2017, sending Ryan Strome back the other way.

For the first couple of years, this looked like one of the best trades of the decade for the Isles. Eberle has been slowly declining throughout his time on the Island. In his first year, he recorded 59 points, then 37 points, then 40 points. Eberle is paid a top 6 forward but doesn’t put up the numbers to back it up. Jordan Eberle must improve in these 2 categories to make sure he doesn’t go to Seattle.

Off the Puck Skating

How can you get open without moving your feet? Jordan Eberle occasionally forgets this idea and stands flat-footed in the offensive zone. I don’t know why he does this, though. I mean, his best goals are when he’s moving towards the net. His top-shelf backhand is always set up by him, slashing towards the net.

Once Eberle gets his feet moving, it creates amazing opportunities for the first line. Remember, the first line is geared towards Barzal dishing to Eberle, Ebs shooting, and Lee tapping in the rebound. That’s the first line’s dynamic, but this doesn’t work if Eberle doesn’t move his feet.

Cashing-In Opportunities

Jordan Eberle could’ve won game 6 against the Flyers maybe 7 times. One of his shots was a wide-open tap in to win the series, and he still missed the net. I don’t care about his goal in game 5 against the Lightning, he needs to convert on 80% of his chances. Eberle gets the best opportunities on the team, and yet he never leads the Islanders in goals. It’s almost like he chokes up and overthinks his shot. Eberle needs to stop thinking and start getting the puck on the net. If he can do this, he can stay for another year or two.

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