New York Islanders: Could Noah Dobson become the Number 1?

New York Islanders, Noah Dobson

The New York Islanders defense is loaded with talent. There are at least 9 defensemen who could start on a plethora of teams. This being said, there is a clear distinction of who the best defenseman is. It’s currently Ryan Pulock with Adam Pelech not too far behind him. But, there is another young defenseman who could take that title. I’m talking about no other than Noah Dobson.

Noah Dobson has already claimed top-4 minutes after just under a year in the league and will continue to improve as he continues to play. There are two reasons why Dobson could take this title. And the reasons completely separate him from Pulock and Pelech.

Skating Abilities

Don’t get me wrong, Adam Pelech and Ryan Pulock are terrific skaters. But, Noah Dobson is a different kind of a skater. His speed is so underrated, and it’s crazy because he can move the puck 200 feet. This is going to secure him a spot on the powerplay someday soon, and it opens up the offense, which is something the Islanders need more of. Noah Dobson also can force wingers back to the outside by how he skates. He’s 6’4, and only 186 pounds, but his use of the body while skating is advanced for his age. It helps a goalie out a lot by facing shots from the outside rather than from right in front.

Wrist Shot

The top Islanders defenders all have one facet of their game that no one else can match. For Ryan Pulock, it’s his booming slapshot. For Adam Pelech, it’s his unavoidable poke check.

Well, for Noah Dobson, it’s his wrist shot. Isles fans didn’t get to see much of his shot last year due to his age. What I mean by that is, Dobson didn’t want to do anything wrong on the ice instead of just being comfortable and playing his game. In every level he’s played in, Dobson’s wrist shot has been nearly unstoppable. Everyone always believes that he’s going to take a wicked slapshot from the point, but instead, he moves up 15 feet and unloads a wrister into the toy department. Definitely, something that NHL goalies have to be aware of.


Noah Dobson has unlimited potential right now. He’s got the best Head and Assistant coaches in the league. Also, he’s surrounded by a bunch of great young and old defensemen. I look at Noah Dobson the same way I look at Alex Pietrangelo, they’re very similar, and that should excite Isles fans.