New York Islanders: Addressing the Josh Bailey trade rumors

Josh Bailey, New York Islanders

There recently has been rumors over long time New York Islanders forward, Josh Bailey. Jimmy Murphy, from Florida Hockey Now, has stated that the Islanders might trade Bailey due to limited cap space left to resign Mat Barzal.

I’m here to put all these rumors to bed once and for all. Josh Bailey has played 865 NHL games in his career, and all 865 games are with the Islanders. That might not mean something in other sports, but it does in Hockey. Bailey could’ve left for any other team, but he continually chooses the Island over all others. Also, Josh Bailey continues to improve his play each year. Don’t look at the stats, look at how he plays and how it affects his linemates. The Islanders won’t trade Josh Bailey.

The reasoning behind this rumor is questionable in the first place. Jimmy Murphy decided to write an opinion piece which is normal. And his piece was that the Islanders might trade away Bailey so that they can resign Mat Barzal. It’s just an idea, just a hypothetical situation. But, somehow this piece gets blown out of proportion and now it’s a full-blown rumor.

Josh Bailey will not be traded and that surprises no Islanders’ fans. The Islanders will get rid of one of their other big money guys like Johnny Boychuk to compensate for Barzal’s return. I’d assume Boychuk and both second-round picks to somewhere.  Islanders’ fans shouldn’t worry as number 12 won’t be heading anywhere other than the rafters.