NFL: Akeem on the Hunt to Spread Happiness

Brittany Sirabella
NFL, Football
NFL, Football

In this time of darkness, we can all use some light and someone who is dedicated to spreading positivity is running back Akeem Hunt.

Hunt has always been someone who perseveres and stands tall no matter what he is faced with.  He handles every single situation with absolute gratitude and appreciation.  He works hard to be the greatest and it shows with each and everything he does.  His passion for the game of football is so palpable through both his words and actions.  He is devoted to not only becoming the best athlete he can be but also the best man he can be and it is truly admirable.

Day in and day out, Hunt takes to social media to spread nothing but good vibes and positive messages, something we all can use in our lives during this unprecedented time.  His messages really brighten the day of those who read them and give hope and inspiration to all.  He encourages us to never give up, a message Hunt abides by and it is evident with each and everything he puts his mind to.

Hunt’s clothing line Superior Out of Nothing or S.O.O.N. relays these inspirational messages perfectly and serves as a reminder to always be growing towards becoming your best self.

Be sure to subscribe to Hunt’s upcoming YouTube channel Superior Out of Nothing S.O.O.N. for more inspirational content and fun from the incredible Hunt.

Hunt is one of the kindest, classiest guys you will ever find.  The love he has for his mother is so wonderful.  She is his everything and they have a bond like no other.  They are there for each other through thick and thin and the love they have for one another is so beautiful to see.  He is a true family man through and through-they is his purpose and it is clear to see.

Hunt gives back in any way that he can and makes an impact on the lives of so many, such as helping Hurricane Harvey victims.  With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Hunt chose to see the positive in it taking to Instagram to say “be the person that understands and wants to make a positive change in times of need and comfort.  Not everything has to be taken seriously, but in the end, we all have to stay positive and create a radius of energy that will affect those around us so they can affect those around them.  Stay safe but most importantly live life and be happy”.   This message so eloquently and consummately encompasses something we should all be taking to heart and enacting in our own lives.

Hunt is a true game-changer and such a remarkable person, not only for his talents but also for his bright outlook on life and the light that he spreads.  He is truly special and one of a kind and in these times, we should all be following what he has to say.