New York Giants: Why Evan Engram should make the move to wide receiver

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The New York Giants’ offense has the potential to be a top-5 offense in the NFL. In 2019, the Giants’ offensive weapons were never on the field at the same time. Hopefully, everyone stays healthy this year, and fans get to see then offense in full gear—especially Evan Engram, who is going into a contract year.

There’s reason for excitement regarding Evan Engram; it’s time for him to break out and have a huge season. For Engram to have a tremendous year, making the move to wide receiver could be more beneficial.

To sum up the idea, he has the size, hands, and speed. Also, It won’t be a drastic change for him, and I think it will keep Engram on the field for more than eight games. In Pat Shurmur’s offensive system, Engram was used as a blocking tight end who would swing out for passes. Regardless of what happened last year, Engram needs a new system, he can’t be stuck blocking defensive ends and linebackers.

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As shown above, Engram missed half of the 2019 season. Also, the Giants added Levine Toilolo to the depth chart. This was a necessary move, Toilolo is a massive body blocking tight end who can fill in for Engram. As well as Kaden Smith, Smith could fill in for Engram as he makes the move to wide receiver. Utlimaltlety, Toilolo will be a great run-blocking tight end for Saquon Barkley. Overall, the Giants don’t have to worry about tight end, they have multiple options to choose from.

Giants need a big-body receiver

Going into the 2020 season, the Giants don’t have a big-body wide receiver. With the addition of a big-body wide receiver, this could help Daniel Jones grow into a star; Engram could be the perfect weapon. For starters, he’s a mismatch nightmare; Engram is bigger than a lot of NFL cornerbacks. Also, Engram has the wheels to beat at cornerback down the sideline, I can see Engram playing out wide and going up for jump balls. I see Engram’s potential very similar to George Kittles’s game, in terms of receiving.

Overall, Evan Engram can be a true threat at wide receiver, and the Giants should consider it. The opportunities are endless for Engram, keeping him healthy and off the offensive line will be a huge factor in 2020.

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