New York Giants: Why Daniel Jones should be thanking his defense

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Daniel Jones
Sep 14, 2020; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Bud Dupree (48) hits the arm of New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) resulting in an interception during the third quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Some call New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones the “turnover machine,” which is likely because he has thrown nine interceptions and fumbled seven times this year. In 2019, he threw 12 interceptions and fumbled 18 times, and this very serious problem has alleviated at a very minimal rate.

Despite head coach Joe Judge and the coaching staff trying to work out Jones’s kinks, he continues to make questionable plays and turn the ball over at an astronomical rate. Against the Washington Football Team in week 9, Jones enjoyed just his second game in his career without turning the ball over.

However, he fumbled the ball out of bounds and was nearly stripped on a sack later in the contest. Nonetheless, the turnover number remains zero, as the Giants manage ld to record three interceptions, and two fumbles recovered.

The New York Giants’ defense has played out of their minds:

If not for the Giants’ defense, which currently ranks 13th in points allowed per game and 15th in yards allowed, the Giants would be far worse than they are right now. Ultimately, stellar coaching has made them a serviceable team ready to turn the corner, but they just aren’t there quite yet.

Considering they’re playing with zero answers at CB2 and a lackluster pass-rush at times, what the defense has done this season has been truly remarkable. Coordinator Patrick Graham deserves a ton of credit for his masterpiece on the defensive side of the ball, utilizing creative schematic packages to bait opposing quarterbacks into bad throws and stellar are tackling technique.

In fact, quarterback Daniel Jones might want to take a moment to thank his defense for their ability to create turnovers. Through nine weeks, the Giants have recorded eight interceptions, ranking ninth in the league, and seven forced fumbles, which ranks third. They have earned a zero turnover differential thanks to Graham’s defense, and Jones must be aware of how well they are playing in the first year of a new scheme.