New York Giants: What James Bradberry needs to do to help the secondary succeed

New York Giants, James Bradberry
New York Giants, James Bradberry

The New York Giants’ secondary has been the team’s weakness spot for years. Finally, the Giants’ front office made it a priority this offseason to fix it. With the addition of James Bradberry, the Giants’ secondary is looking a lot better. For example, Bradberry can play multiple positions. He can play slot corner, outside corner, and nickel corner. Overall, the signing of Bradberry was a steal, and also was an old Dave Gettleman draft pick.

Bradberry is capable of covering a team’s number one receiver

Over the past few seasons, the Giants have relied on Janoris Jenkins to cover a team’s number one receiver. Now, they have a better option with Bradberry because he is capable of guarding a receiver wherever they line up. Last year, Bradberry covered some of the best receivers in football.

Also, James Bradberry only allowed one touchdown against the best receivers in football. Hopefully, he can do that again this year for the Giants. Last season, Bradberry was target 97 times and allowed 58 completions. His completion percentage allowed was 59.8. He allowed 644 yards which were an improvement from 2018 where he allowed 802 total yards.


2019 stats 

In 2019, Bradberry played in 15 games and tallied three interceptions. Also, Bradberry has recorded one sack for the past three seasons. Patrick Graham could use Bradberry on a corner blitz and in the box. Alongside those numbers, Bradberry recorded 65 combined tackles and 51 solo tackles. Overall, he only had one tackle for a loss and one quarterback hit last year. If he could increase these two stat lines he’d be playing elite football.

To add on, Bradberry also played 1020 snaps last season which was 92% of defensive plays. The Giants will need him to stay healthy an average around 90% of snaps throughout the season.

A quote from Brabderry about challenging himself

“I see myself as a versatile corner. I can play zone, I can play man. I was down for whatever. Of course, playing a lot of man is a challenge for any cornerback and I am always willing to accept a challenge.”


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