New York Giants: Sterling Shepard will have a breakout season

New York Giants, Sterling Shepard
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The New York Giants’ new and improved team could open some eyes in 2020. Especially, Sterling Shepard who is coming off a rough 2019 season. To rephrase it, I’m saying rough season because of the number concussion he dealt with.

For example, Shepard missed six games due to concussions, this was tough to watch as a fan. I love Sterling Shepard, not seeing him on the field hurt me, he is a great team leader.

What we can expect from Shepard

Year in and year out, Shepard is that guy who lights a fire in his teammates. He is a team leader and a motivator, there is no better hype man than Sterling Shepard. Without a doubt, Shepard is a guy who needs to stay healthy and be on the field all game. First off, expect Shepard to be a force in the slot and out wide. Not to forget, Shepard has been used before on Jetsweeps, and wheel routes. Overall, Jason Garrett will have a lot of options to choose from, Shepard will be a huge part of the offensive system in 2020.

2020 stat line projection

In 2020, Sterling Shepard will be a man on a mission. Hopefully, he is healthy for all 16 games. I’m projecting Shepard to be targeted over 100 times with 70 receptions, and have over 700 receiving yards!  Although Shepard only had three touchdowns in 2019, I’m expecting him to have eight receiving touchdowns this year. Overall, I think Shepard will compete with Slayton for receiving yards and touchdown catches.

I’m expecting a big year out of Sterling Shepard especially with the new offensive system installed. I think Jason Garrett will improve Shepards’ game by a landslide. However, the Giants need Shepard to stay healthy in 2020, having two concussions last year scared a lot of Giants’ fans. Especially me, at the end of the day, Sterling Shepard is a family man and has to consider that factor.

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