New York Giants: Markus Golden is Unstoppable

Can Markus Golden be a great player for the New York Giants?

Time after time again New York Giants outside linebacker Markus Golden has made fantastic plays!  Again Markus proves to be Golden!

In last night’s prime time game against the undefeated New England Patriots, the New York Giants defense was full of fire.  Despite a loss, this is not indicative of how the defense played-with certain players, in particular, doing a rather good job!

In yesterday’s game, Golden fought hard against the New England Patriots offense, getting a sack on quarterback Tom Brady and 3 tackles and a fumble recovery which resulted in a touchdown for a total of 42 yards.  Golden showed off his veteran prowess, reaching for the end-zone.  Golden has accumulated five sacks this season in six games.

Golden deserves more recognition and credit than he gets.  He is a truly powerful entity on this defense and after every great play he has, he motivates the other players on this secondary and the fans as well.

Golden is well versed when it comes to the game of football both physically and mentally.  He is aware and knows how to be a pivotal contributor to the defense and the New York Giants team itself.  He is persistent and tough and never lets his endurance wane, no matter what the score or circumstances may be.

Golden is a true gift for the New York Giants as his resilience and tenacity make him a true contender!  He made both his family, teammates, and fans proud yesterday!  We all are grateful and lucky to have him!  He makes us proud to be Giants fans!

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