New York Giants: Golden Tate is Purely Golden

NEW YORK GIANTS – When you think about a good person, you think about an individual who is kind, caring selfless and helpful to others and that person is Golden Tate.

Tate is the epitome of class and embodies what it means to be a hero.  When he is on the field, he gives it his all and his efforts never wane no matter what the score may be!  Tate is a leader and an exemplar of a champion!  No matter what adversity he faces, he continues to push.  He chooses to see the positive and every situation and never lets the negativity get to him.  He stands tall and does so with respect and honor!  Tate is someone who has reverence for every team he plays on, the organization as a whole and the fans!

When it comes to the game of football, Tate dives headfirst and perseveres and when it comes to giving back it’s the same situation.  Through his foundation the Golden Future Foundation, Tate along with his amazing wife Elise, hosts numerous events dedicated to supporting veterans in honor of Elise’s grandfathers.  They also hold football camps and donated 1,000 coats to help those in need!  You honestly will not find a more kindhearted, generous, altruistic couple!

The Tate’s have a beautiful family that consists of two utterly adorable kids, Londyn and Golden!  They are an inspiration to all as they value family over everything and it shows.  Together, Golden and Elise, show their kids what it means to be good, warm-hearted, amiable people and are role models not just for their kids, but for all!

Tate is truly like no other!  He is full of light and his effervescence always shines through!  He always has a smile on his face and it is contagious!  They say good people bring out the good in people and for Tate that is most certainly true!  There are not enough good things I can say about him!  We should appreciate good people, as they are hard to come by and in this case I hold the utmost respect and appreciation for Tate!  He is truly pure GOLD!