New York Giants: Former Giant Terrell Thomas Always a Role Model

Resilient, someone who perseveres and irrepressible is just some of the words that describe New York Giants legendary cornerback Terrell Thomas.

Originally drafted by the New York Giants in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft out of the University of Southern California.  As a Trojan, he was a shining star and carried his massive skills, adeptness and vast talents to the NFL, where he proved to be a versatile player.

Thomas contributed SO much to the New York Giants and the game of football in general.  He will go down in New York Giants history as one of the greatest to wear blue, but what makes him even more admirable are not just his extremely impressive plays, but the way he transcended expectations each and every time he geared up and stepped out on that field.  Thomas was always working hard, never giving up and perhaps the most illustrious example of his strength and tenacity was when despite suffering three ACL injuries in the same knee, he came back sedulous and tireless playing in 16 games totaling 67 tackles and one interception proving nothing can get in his way or inhibit his innate skills from shining.

In the mind of New York Giants fans and beyond, Thomas will always serve as a symbol of strength and a testament to the fact that with a positive mindset and hard-work nothing is impossible!

These days since retiring in early 2015, Thomas is busy being a father to two adorable kids and a loving and supportive husband to his lovely wife.  He was always a role model to younger Giants and fans and now he serves as a perfect example of what it means to be not only successful but a wonderful, kind, giving person as well!  Thomas is truly one of a kind and will always remain near and dear to true New York Giants fans hearts forever and always, as he is the nicest, down-to-earth person you will ever find!