New York Giants are building Julian Love into a utility player

New York Giants, Julian Love

The New York Giants’ defense needs a playmaker who they can trust at multiple positions. There is news on the DeAndre Bakers case and it does not look too good. In my mind, Baker will be kicked off the team in the next few weeks. This leaves a gaping hole on defense that needs to be filled. For this reason, Julian Love can be that guy for the Giant’s defense, he has experience at multiple positions.

What the Giants can do with Love

Although Julian Love played strong safety last season, the Giants officially switched him over to cornerback. At strong safety, Love had 30 solo tackles, five tackles for a loss, and one interception. As a utility player, Giants’ fans can expect to see Love playing multiple positions on defense. For example, slot cornerback, free safety, are positions I can see Love playing in 2020 with Patrick Graham’s new system. In general, Love is going to be all over the place this season and gaining experience and knowledge. This will be huge for his growth because who knows what will happen with the Giants defense. Also, if a miracle happens and Baker is still on the team, Love will still have experience at other positions, this will be tremendous for the Giants.

Julian Love breakdowns offseason

Due to the pandemic, the Giants’ offseason has been changed drastically. In other words, Love discussed how he’s made the best of it and what lies ahead.

“Honestly, I’m very fortunate because the situation with everything going online kind of helped me out,” Love said. “I was able to be locked in. Obviously, I was in class for a certain amount of the day and then I was in football for a certain amount of the day. All of my professors were accommodating. It sounds messed up, but my first priority was football. And they knew that. So they knew classes and finishing up the semester was second on my mind. I was really just trying to get everything down, really trying to get to know everyone. That’s important over this virtual setting.”

Overall, Julian Love will be used everywhere on defense, especially with Bakers’ situation. I have a lot of hope for Love, I see him playing a lot of outside corner and slot corner as well. If Jabrill Peppers or Xavier Mckinney get hurt, Love will be comfortable filling in at either safety role.

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