New York Giants: Alec Ogletree to Make Thanksgiving Special

Brittany Sirabella

New York Giants linebacker Alec Ogletree has been in the league since 2013 and in that span of time has been nothing short of a leader both on and off the field.

Ogletree got his start with the St. Louis/ Los Angeles Rams after being drafted in the 2013 NFL.  Since then he has earned many accolades and awards due to his career highlights.  What makes Ogletree really stupendous are not just his stellar plays, but also the work he does off of the field.

This upcoming Thanksgiving Ogletree will be holding an event in which he will aim to help others during this holiday season.  This is Ogletree’s Sixth Annual Turkey Drive.  It will be held on November 19th from 5-7 p.m. at his alma mater Newnan High School located at 190 Lagrange  St. in Newnan, Georgia.  Ogletree will be handing out frozen turkeys and Thanksgiving sides.  This will benefit the less fortunate and those in need.  The littlest of gestures can truly make a difference in a person’s life and brighten their days during this upcoming holiday season.

The holiday of Thanksgiving is about showing an attitude of gratitude and a sense of appreciation for what we are blessed to have in our lives.  Ogletree is showing his thankfulness for the place that bred him and his gratefulness to where he came from by helping families in need.  Ogletree is doing such a great deed, especially during this busy, hectic season where people are dealing with stress and is alleviating some of their woes by lightening their load and spicing up their holiday!

What Ogletree does on the field is stellar, but what is truly commendable is the things he does for the community!