Just a Piece of What New York Giants Chris Peace is Like

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Although New York Giants Chris Peace may be a newcomer to the NFL he already has shown potential.  Peace is someone who works hard to achieve his goals and it shows.  He will be a success on the field in no time.  Peace is grateful for each and every opportunity he is given and shows this by playing with fortitude and also giving back to the community in each and every way he can.

What makes Peace truly admirable are not just his talents, but his work off the field.  Recently, Peace went to Macy’s Herald Square in New York City on December 3rd, which is internationally known as #GivingTuesday, for Operation Happy Children.   When you write a letter to Santa Claus at Macy’s, Macy’s will donate a dollar for every letter received to the Make-A-Wish Foundation up to one million dollars.  This will go towards granting the wishes of children across the country who are sick.

This past Monday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, players sported cleats adorned with causes near and dear to their hearts.  Peace chose to represent My Sisters’ Place, an agency that does great work in combating domestic violence and human trafficking.  Peace thought it was very important to bring awareness to these issues because it is a serious problem and we need change.

Peace is such an upstanding guy full of class and not only are the New York Giants lucky to have him, but the NFL is as well!

Peace recently became a father to a healthy baby boy a week ago.  Peace will be a great role model for his son because he serves as a great example of how hard work and dedication can get you far in life, but success is not contingent simply just on fame and fortune, but how you carry yourself and what you stand for and Peace embodies this perfectly.