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From Atlanta to New York Daniel Fells had a long, but worthy journey in the NFL.  Born in Anaheim, California, Fells attended UC Davis in California. Here, he won many awards including the team’s T. Palmer Moody Award in his sophomore year for his athletic excellence.  He began his professional career in 2006 with the Atlanta Falcons as an undrafted free agent. From there, he went to St. Louis and spent 2008, 2009, and 2010 seasons with the Rams. In 2011, he spent one season with the Denver Broncos and the following year with the New England Patriots.  Three years later, Fells signed with the New York Giants. 

Daniel is truly a hard worker.  He always gives it his all no matter what stage he is at in his life. During training camp and practice despite fatigue and intense heat, Fells always went out there and fought.  And when it came time to play the real games, Fells took every opportunity thrown his way. It certainly is no wonder why he was named standout player of numerous practices and was labeled the “one to watch”  various times.  His character is also evident in his personal life.

After an MRSA infection that left him sidetracked, he retired from the NFL in 2016.  Despite his illness, Fells fought every day to recover and get back to normalcy with the help and support of his family.   He truly was grateful and appreciative for his teammates being there for him through it all.  Fells has always been a great teammate himself.  Just weeks after numerous surgeries to fight the infection, Fells showed up at the game and rooted for his team on the sidelines cheering them on every step of the way.

Fells is a loving husband to Nahal, a wonderful blogger, author and writer, and caring father to Lennon and Layla. When looking at any of Fells’ social media accounts, what you see is a true, genuine, family-oriented guy.  Football may have been his job, but it is clear to see family comes first. His family is his support system and has been with him every step of the way.  His brother Darren Fells, a tight end, plays for the Houston Texans.  Together, the Fells brothers, participate in the Fullerton Football Youth Camp during the summer, which helps children ages seven to thirteen improve their overall skills and attitudes both athletically and personally.  Fells has also done numerous fundraisers during his time as a Giant and visited schools to enlighten kids on the importance of working hard.    

Fells is truly an amazing man and is one of the classiest people.  His smile is infectious and underneath it lies an overall wonderful player, husband, father, philanthropist, and person. With his mindset and outlook, he not only succeeded in football but will continue to do great things.

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