Former New York Giant Bromley a Champ

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Former New York Giant defensive tackle, Jay Bromley, has worked hard all of his life to get to where he is today and it shows.  Perseverance is in his veins and nothing will or can stop him from achieving his dreams.  His love for the game of football is admirable and his dedication goes far beyond training.

When on the field, Bromley is an indomitable player, whose vigorous and robust plays make him a truly adept and adroit player.

Bromley jumps at any chance to help others succeed.  With his alma mater Syracuse University, Bromley has held youth football camps to teach student-athletes the essential skills needed to dominate the game of football and flourish in life.

No matter what team he may be on, Bromley never forgets his roots and always supports his current and former teammates no matter what stage in their career they may be at.

Bromley is a devoted and committed father to his adorable sons.   He is a role model and paragon of what it means to be a true fighter in every sense of the word and someone his sons can look up to.  His outlook and mindset is one that makes him an inspiration to all.

A smile always adorns Bromley’s face and the way he chooses to see the good in things and live life to the fullest makes him a pillar of positivity.

Although Bromley may currently be a free agent, this most certainly is not the last you will see of him in the game of football and beyond.  Bromley is one of the nicest guys you will find and someone you want to support!

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