A Huge Thank You to Michael Thomas

Dear Mr. Thomas,

To say that you are an extraordinary man would be an understatement. You are the absolute definition of a class act-selfless, giving, caring, the list goes on.  When you came to the New York Giants, you brought such grace, humility, leadership, and skill.  You led by example with each and every play, as well as the way you conducted yourself off of the field.

You are the most compassionate human being.  The charitable work you do is truly commendable.  Through your foundation, hosting football camps, and the amazing work you do for breast cancer patients in honor of your beautiful sister and her courageousness and fighting spirit, keeping her memory alive, you make a huge impact on the lives of so many people.  You are also such a loving husband, a doting dad, a great teammate, a role model to all, and an all-around wonderful guy!  You treat everybody with nothing but respect no matter what.  Whether it be a fellow teammate who is struggling to learn the plays, a fan who wants an autograph after you just played a long, arduous game, a smile full of genuineness and kindness always adorns your face.

You are the epitome of what it means to be a hero.  With each and everything you do, you do it with such humility and selflessness, always thinking of others.  Your heart is so full of gold and your soul is so pure and that shows every day.  The game of football is not only lucky to have you but so is the world as you have truly made a difference.  Good people are hard to come by, great people are even rarer and you are the rarest of them all.  There truly are not enough good things I can say about you!

I want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all that you have done and continue to do for so many!  It is an absolute honor to be a fan of yours!  I am filled with so much gratitude and appreciation for the joy you have brought me and all of us with the plays you have made and the incredible things you d,o no matter how big or how small off the field!

The New York Giants will most certainly be “M.T.” without you, but the Houston Texans sure lucked out.  We all wish you the very best of luck now and in all of your future endeavors!


NFL fans everywhere