The Brooklyn Nets Seem To Be Pushing For Carmelo Anthony

New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony

As we know, the past few weeks have been kind of busy as far as Brooklyn Nets media goes. We had some mishaps, but the news that seemed to keep reoccurring was concerning a Brooklyn Native.

Carmelo Anthony and the Nets have been almost joint at the hip in reports and constantly linked together since he worked out with the team weeks ago. Media and fans alike thought this was a sign of things to come. But as time passed and nothing happened. The likely signing had become an informal workout and then was downgraded to friends just playing ball. Nets fans were still pushing for the move, but their thirst to see it happen was quenched with the knowledge that with 15 guaranteed contract, Melo was probably a no go.

Enter stage left, Wilson Chandler and the PED incident. The Woj bomb that no Nets fan was really hoping to ever see, Chandler would be suspended for 25 games. The rumblings of Melo came back with a vengeance. This time, as reported by Frank Isola, they came with alleged Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving endorsements. The Nets two new stars were reported to have pushed for Melo in talks with Sean Marks. Before Sean Marks could shoot it down due to a full roster. But now there would be a hole in it for a good portion of the season thanks to Chandler’s situation. What made it all the more interesting is that Carmelo plays the exact same positions as Wilson Chandler so it all matches up. But still, all was quiet on the front and the rumblings quieted.

Rodions Kurucs was in the news and what that story entailed leaves the potential for yet another roster opening for the Nets at the forward positions. It seemed all, but a given that Marks had to sign Melo at this point. Honestly, I keep saying, I don’t know how Marks can avoid Kyrie and Kevin’s wishes at this point. With everything going on, the fans pushing for it, both your stars pushing for it, how do you sell to them Melo isn’t a good add?

And then the Prince throws his hat in the ring. He seems to endorse the thought that Melo still has more than enough in the tank.

So with all the question marks around Kurucs and Chandler and with such glowing reviews from current Nets players, I’m not sure Sean Marks will be able to hold off Melo forever. It possibly could just be a matter of when. Let’s also note that when Melo and Frank Isola spoke, Melo did seem optimistic that he’d be on a team by the time training camp opens up.

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