Taking A Look At The NBA Off-Season Results

NBA Off-Season Results

The off-season period is gradually coming to an end, and it has not been in vain for the NBA teams. Each club has tried to strengthen its lineup by filling in for the missing positions and eliminate the main tactical gaps. Yet today the fans realize that the upcoming games will be especially sharp and exciting. At the same time, the list of interesting lineup changes is not limited to the main events — the transfers of LeBron and Kawhi.

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Key Lineup Changes

Among the NBA participants the analysts have distinguished several teams whose transfers are particularly interesting:

  1. The Golden State Warriors. Right after the departure of LeBron, the club launched an active transfer activity. Thus, DeMarcus Cousins ​​returned to the roster, which became an excellent addition to the famous five (provided full recovery from injury). In addition, Jonas Jerebko and Jacob Evans also play for the club.
  2. The Boston Celtics. The off-season was relatively calm for this club. The main advantage of the lineup was the rehabilitation of Kairi and Hayward. For this reason, the club is among the NBA favorites. The roster has also been enhanced with Smart and Baynes.
  3. The Houston Rockets. The previous season, the club did not have quite a bit of potential to win the cup. Given this result, the off-season decisions look somewhat ambiguous. Thus, the roster lost Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute, who had important positions. In addition, the lineup was enhanced by Carmel Anthony, who during the previous season showed results far from brilliant. Thus, the beginning of the tournament will be especially difficult for Houston.
  4. The Toronto Raptors. This club, like no one else, needed new forces to refresh its lineup. And this issue was brilliantly solved! Thus, Toronto not only replaced the coach, but managed to get Kawhi Leonard. This enhancement makes the chances of the club much higher!
  5. The Denver Nuggets. The main transfer of the club is Isaiah Thomas. In addition, the team was enhanced with the good young roster, which is successfully developing. Also, the club managed to improve the payroll numbers.

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