Brooklyn Nets Squander Home Opener In Amazing Fashion

Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving

Well, we’re not going 82-0. This team has underachieved and we should riot outside of Barclays. No, but seriously, if you were lucky enough to watch the home opener, boy was it something special. Obviously you want to win every game you possibly can, but this might be the most content I’ve been with a bad outcome with the Brooklyn Nets. What we witnessed was something special. So let’s recap the special moments of the night.

  1. Kyrie’s Heartfelt Moment:

Could we have asked for a player more in love with being here than Kyrie Irving? That’s been his thing from the moment of interest with the Nets. He wants to be here. He loves New York. He loves the Nets. He loves the fans. And him getting a little emotional about it is what you love to see. I’m not sure there’s anything that makes you fall in love with a player more than seeing that said player genuinely wants to be on your team.

2. Introducing Your 2019-20 Brooklyn Nets…:

I don’t know if it was just me or if it was because I missed Nets basketball so much, but man oh man was I hype watching our team get introduced in the home opener. Like everything seemed great! The video, music selection, lighting effects, everything! I almost couldn’t have dreamed it up better. If you missed it, here it is.

3. The Third QTR:

The Brooklyn Nets came out the gates a little slow. The second unit wasn’t exactly the strength it was expected to be heading into the season, but it’s ok. Probably first game jitters, but boy did the shooters come alive in the third. Taurean Prince, who was held scoreless the first half, really lit it up in the 3rd. He came out the gate with a quick score and a steal directly after. He set the tone in the 3rd as he was able to pour in 15 in the quarter.


Within the third, the Nets were able to battle back from a double digit deficit and from that point on, both teams would be trading punches.

  1. The 4th QTR:

The truth is, this is why we brought him here. Get it? No? Well regardless, this is a big reason why Kyrie Irving demands the money he demands, the fourth quarter. Irving poured in 13pts on 50% shooting in the fourth, hitting HUGE shots along the way.


His heroics and the Nets efforts overall were enough to allow for an overtime quarter that probably wasn’t deserved by the T-Wolves.

  1. OT Slip Up

One heck of a rollercoaster came down to one shot. These are the moments that define careers and Kyrie Irving has had plenty of them, many of them on much grander stages. Down 1, shot clock off. Kyrie one on one, what he does best… and he slips! And even with the slip, Kyrie is that elite of a player to maintain his handle and find away to still get a good look. It just didn’t drop for him.


MAN, the rush everyone must’ve felt. The way Nets fans world wide must’ve felt as their hearted dropped into the pits of their stomachs as Irving lost his footing and dropped to the floor. The renewed hope and confidence in our new franchise player as he still found a way to get that shot up. Listen, if he found a way to still hit that, it would’ve been beyond legendary! I mean the night in itself was historic, but man! Just one more shot!


I’m already dying for the next game. In this borough, we stan Kyrie!