Phil Davis shuts out Yoel Romero at Bellator 266

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In the main event of Bellator 266, we saw one of the more highly anticipated promotional debuts in some time. The Solider of God, Yoel Romero (13-5), was making his return and Bellator debut as he took on Phil Davis (22-6).

This is the first time Romero competed since March of last year when he lost a middleweight title fight to Israel Adesanya. This was also Romero’s first fight in the light heavyweight division in years.

After signing with Bellator, Romero was put in the Light Heavyweight Grand Prix. However, Romero was pulled off the Grand Prix due to an eye issue. He’s now been cleared and he’s ready to take on the former Bellator light heavyweight champion.

Like Romero was supposed to be, Phil Davis was in the Grand Prix. Davis lost to the current champion Vadim Nemkov. That loss snapped a three fight win streak for Davis. Overall, Davis is now 9-3 since making the jump to Bellator.

Bellator 266 Recap

Round 1

The Bellator 266 main event started out with a touch of the gloves. Both men bouncing on the outside to start as they gauge the range. Davis pawing with a left hook but nothing on it early on.

Romero now standing flat footed just watching as Davis is trying to start the striking. Davis throws a right straight that falls a bit short. Nice 1-2 from Phil Davis. Romero throws a headkick that gets blocked by Davis.

A switch of stance from Romero and the crowd is becoming restless with the limited action. Davis is throwing combinations on the outside but nothing is really landing. Powerful low kick lands for Yoel Romero.

Romero explodes and just missed on some power shots and settles back in. Low kick from Romero and Davis works the jab. Another powerful low kick from Romero but Davis answers with his own.

Romero showing a lot of feints here as Davis is looking to striking. Another big power shot just misses for Romero but that power is keeping Davis tentative early. The round comes to a close and I honestly have to lean towards Davis on activity at Bellator 266.

Round 2

Entering the second round at Bellator 266 and the crowd is wanting more action out of these two. Romero takes the center to start the second round but it’s Davis who starts the striking with a couple of jabs.

Davis is looking much more active with his jab here in the second. 1-2 lands for Phil Davis and he’s looking to be very active here. Romero throws a power shot that misses. Davis comes in but gets out quickly after nearly getting clipped with a power shot from Romero.

Power shot lands for Romero and Davis is backing up. Phil shoots for a takedown but it’s easily stuffed by Romero and they’re back to striking. Davis seems comfortable again and starts working his jab.

Davis is pulling away from Romero in terms of the striking numbers. Romero seems to be trying to time a knockout shot, but there’s not a lot being thrown. Right hand over the top lands for Phil Davis.

Huge leg kick lands for Romero that almost took Davis off his feet. Massive 1-2 lands for Davis and Romero smiles. Davis turning up the pressure here. Davis shoots in for a takedown and gets it just before the round ends. 2-0 Phil Davis at Bellator 266.

Round 3

Entering the final round at Bellator 266 and Yoel Romero is going to need a finish here. Romero bouncing on his feet and immediately takes the center to start the final round. It seems like he knows he needs to finish the fight here.

Davis starts to work his jab here in the opening minute. Romero tries to throw some power shots, but Davis immediately takes him down. Romero gets to his feet briefly but Davis slams him right back to the ground.

A few elbows land for Davis. Romero uses the fence to get back up but again, Davis takes him right back down. Things are looking pretty bleak for Yoel Romero here in his Bellator debut.

Halfway through the final round and it’s all Phil Davis. Romero uses a quick explosion to get back up, but he can’t keep Davis off of him. Again, Davis takes him right back down.

Romero tries to get back up, but Davis is controlling him here. Davis is landing big knees to the body. Romero gets back to his feet, but he can’t separate from Davis. Davis holds a clinch against the fence as the fight comes to an end. Completely one-sided here at Bellator 266.

Phil Davis def. Yoel Romero by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-26)

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