Jake Paul signs with the PFL and offers a two-fight deal to Nate Diaz

The Problem Child is heading to the PFL. This morning, it was announced that Jake Paul (6-0 Boxing) has signed an exclusive multi-year deal with the Professional Fighters League. The intention is to have Paul fight twice this year.

Paul along with the creators of the promotion have created a new PPV Super Fights division for PFL and if a fighter competes in this division, they will receive 50% of the revenue that is generated. Paul has long been an advocate for fighter pay and this was crucial to finalize the deal.

Jake Paul has earned his stripes in boxing with two big wins over Tyron Woodley and most recently against Anderson Silva. Now, he’s going to step into the MMA cage for the first time. In this new division, Paul can compete in MMA and boxing. His first bout is set to be a boxing match and then he will debut in MMA later in the year. Likely at the 2023 PFL championships.

PFL and Paul offer a deal to Nate Diaz

With this new deal, Paul has offered Nate Diaz a deal. Paul has offered Diaz a two-fight deal that would see the men first compete in boxing and then compete in MMA six months after the first bout. Nate Diaz is currently a free agent after his UFC contract expired last year.

The assumption was always that Diaz and Paul would end up boxing each other. Now, it appears there’s a legit offer on the table for them to fight in both sports under the PFL banner. Say what you want about Jake Paul, but the man brings a lot of visibility and this is a huge deal for the PFL.

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