Bellator Euro Series 8 Main Event Preview

Bellator MMA is back tomorrow afternoon with a solid card from Milan. This trip kicks off a Europe trip for the promotion which will feature the first major MMA event to take place in France. A big feather in the cap for Bellator.

In the main event tomorrow, Bellator if featuring a contest between two very solid middleweights. Fabian Edwards (9-0) and Costello Van Steenis (12-2) will go to war in the main event. This is a big fight for their middleweight division.

Bellator is constantly looking to build up some exciting contenders to compete with the UFC. In the main event, they are featuring two guys who could rise through the ranks and be a champion for the promotion down the line.

Edwards will come into this contest unbeaten. He has a ton of potential, but getting past Van Steenis is not going to be an easy task. Both of these men are very talented and it should make for a very solid main event for Bellator.

Bellator Europe 8 Main Event Prediction

Edwards has looked very solid in his Bellator career. He is the younger brother of top UFC welterweight contender, Leon Edwards. Like his brother, Fabian Edwards has very good striking, and he’s very effective with the way he throws his strikes.

He’s very rangy, and he does a very good job of catching his opponents coming in. When he’s point fighting with anyone, he’s tough to beat because of his accuracy and effective striking. So far he’s 4-0 in his Bellator career.

Van Steenis is coming off his first Bellator loss and just the second loss of his career. Back in November, he lost to John Salter who’s proven to be a tough out for anyone inside the Bellator cage. Van Steenis has a very good overall game.

Like Edwards, Van Steenis is also very good on his feet. Although one area he really shines is in the clinch. He has very good elbows and clinch control which could be a big benefit if the fight occurs in close quarters.

As for a prediction, I think over three rounds, we are going to see more of a point fight. Because of that, I really like Edwards chances in this one. I think he is the better overall striker, and I think that he will edge this one out.

Prediction: Fabian Edwards by Unanimous Decision