Aaron Pico dismantles Adili Edwards at Bellator 277

On the main card of Bellator 277, we saw a fun catchweight bout featuring one of the best prospects in MMA. Top promotional prospect Aaron Pico (9-3) was searching for his tenth professional win as he took on Adili Edwards (9-1).

Originally, Aaron Pico was supposed to face off against Jeremy Kennedy at Bellator 277. However, when Kennedy was forced to pull out of the fight, the promotion turned to Adili Edwards to step up.

Edwards jumped at the opportunity to step in there against Aaron Pico. He’s never fought for Bellator before, but he’s bringing in an impressive seven fight winning streak into the cage tonight.

Pico on the other hand had his own winning streak coming into Bellator 277. After a rocky start to his professional career, Pico really turned things around once he made the move to Jackson-Wink in New Mexico. Since making the move, Pico has gone 5-0 with only one fight going the distance.

Bellator 277 Recap

Round 1

The Bellator 277 catchweight contest started with a touch of the gloves. Low kick from Edwards and Pico pops him with a jab. Edwards looks for a takedown, but Pico immediately reverses the position and takes Edwards down.

Pico postures up and lands a couple of big shots including a slicing elbow. Another nice elbow lands for Pico and Edwards starts attacking with his legs. Edwards rolls to a leg lock and Pico gets out of there.

They are back to standing and Pico immediately rocks Edwards. Huge 1-2 from Pico and Edwards is hurt badly. Pico takes Edwards down and immediately finds himself in side control. Nice elbows landing for Pico.

Edwards scrambles to get up and eats a vicious body shot from Pico. Hook up top from Pico and he takes Edwards back down. More elbows from Pico. Pico stands and almost gets clipped with an upkick. Edwards gets up to his feet but Pico is all over him.

Head kick from Pico and he rips the body again. Edwards throws back but Pico takes him right back down. Edwards forces another scramble to get up to his feet. He lands a decent shot but Pico is just stalking him. Pico gets him right back to the ground. Dominant first round at Bellator 277 for Aaron Pico.

Round 2

Entering the second at Bellator 277 and it’s starting to look like Edwards is going to need a miracle. Low kick lands for Edwards and Pico lands one of his own. Vicious speed in his punches from Aaron Pico tonight as he blasts Edwards with a combination.

Spinning back elbow from Pico and then a big left hook. Huge left hook to the body from Pico. Edwards pushes forward right into a shot from Pico and Pico lands the takedown. Pico looking to advance position here 90 seconds into the second round.

Big shots from the top from Pico. Edwards forces a scramble as he looks to get up to his feet. He gets back up and immediately eats a hook to the body. Another vicious hook to the body from Pico. Low kick from Pico.

Another big one and Edwards is hurt. Pico rips a brutal combination against the fence and this one looks close to being stopped. However, Pico decides to shoot for a takedown and Pico settles into the top position.

Nice elbow from the guard from Pico. Edwards continues to be active on the ground as he looks to scramble. Again he’s able to get back to his feet, but Pico gets right back on him and they clinch against the fence.

Pico backs away and lands a overhand right. Left to the body and another takedown for Aaron Pico. Two rounds in and two dominant ones at Bellator 277 for Aaron Pico.

Round 3

Entering the final round at Bellator 277 and I honestly don’t know what Adili Edwards can do here. Pico immediately presses forward to start the final round and Edwards throws a front kick. Low kick from Edwards but he eats a big combination from Pico.

Huge leg kick from Pico buckles Edwards. Body kick from Pico and a 1-2 behind it. Another 1-2 and Edwards is wobbled badly. He falls to the ground and Pico pounces. The referee calls a stop to the action and Aaron Pico gets the TKO win.

Aaron Pico def. Adili Edwards by TKO – Round 3

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