Yankees, Mets to resume Spring Training in Florida

Nathan Solomon
New York Yankees, New York Mets
Jun 11, 2019; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Mets right fielder Michael Conforto (30) makes a diving attempt to catch an RBI triple by New York Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner (not pictured) during the fifth inning at Yankees Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

If the 2020 season is approved, the New York Yankees and Mets will conduct their second Spring Training down in Florida. Florida currently is open and has declining coronavirus numbers, while New York City is still the worldwide hub of the virus. As of right now, the plan is to play the regular season in home ballparks still.

The second Spring Training is unlikely to have games, and will only have practices and have team-wide scrimmages. If games were to be conducted, all teams would go to their Spring Training homes.

In an interview with YES Network, hitting coach Marcus Thames revealed that players have been working at the facility. They are doing their own drills with coaches. The team is still mandating that everyone continues to practice social distancing.

Sources say that a 2020 economic proposal could be delivered to players early next week, and that could decide the fate of the season. If it’s negotiated and approved, we could see baseball in a little over a month. If it isn’t approved, we may not watch live Major League Baseball until 2021.

As much as players want to play, they wanted to be treated fairly as well. Owners don’t want to pay the prorated salaries that the players agreed to, and that’s the biggest hang-up in an agreement for the season.

The NBA and NHL are also beginning to narrow in on plans for the remainder of their seasons. NASCAR resumed last weekend, and the PGA Tour will return in a few weeks. The WNBA season is currently still suspended.

Hopefully, the players and owners will agree to a deal that’s fair and safe for everyone so that we can see baseball in 2020.