Wayne Rothbaum is the latest candidate to buy the New York Mets

Andres Chavez
New York Mets
Dec 7, 2015; Nashville, TN, USA; New York Mets sign and logo during the MLB winter meetings at Gaylord Opryland Resort. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t stopped a couple of very widely known personalities to express varying degrees of interest in buying the New York Mets. After Steve Cohen’s attempt fell through a few weeks ago, reports surfaced that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, his fiancée, would also like to acquire the team.

Now, according to Thornton McEnery of the New York Post, biotech investor Wayne Rothbaum is interested in buying the Mets.

The thing is that, per the report, Rothbaum would only be willing to offer $1 billion in exchange for the franchise.

That would be a substantial drop from the $2.6 billion that Cohen, a famous hedge funder and Mets’ fan, was offering at one point in the not so distant past.

The Mets’ current value

Because of the current COVID-19 outbreak that has killed thousands of people and halted global economy like few other events in the past, the value of the New York Mets has taken a hit. For that reason, it seems unlikely that the Wilpons, the ballclub’s current owners, will get something remotely close to those $2.6 billion.

“I think he likes the idea of $1 billion,” one source told The Post this week regarding the subject. “It’s a round number and the Wilpons are not holding any cards without SNY.”

According to recent valuations, the Mets without SNY may be worth around $1.6 billion, which makes Rothbaum more like a bargain shopper that wants to take advantage of a good opportunity.

One can only wonder whether Cohen would get back in the mix to buy the team. Currently worth around $11 billion, he has recently clarified that he doesn’t intend to prepare a new bid, but given his fandom and the fact that the Mets are his childhood’s favorite team, speculation keeps brewing.

“I don’t see how Steve Cohen doesn’t end up with the Mets at this point,” one insider said. “I wouldn’t bid again right now if I was him either, but he’s the only one that makes sense.”