The New York Yankees Shouldn’t Resign Austin Romine

Apr 20, 2019; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees catcher Austin Romine (28) hits a double in the fourth inning against the Kansas City Royals at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees have several free agents this winter, and one of them happens to be backup catcher Austin Romine. Romine, now almost 31, had a one year deal worth $1.8 million. However, I think that the Yankees would be better off not signing him again.

If the Yankees don’t sign him, it gives him an opportunity so go to a different team and maybe even start. There are several rebuilding teams that could use a catcher, and his stats show he would do a good job.

He hit .281 with eight home runs and 35 RBIs in 2019 with one walk off. Romine has always called good games behind the plate, but isn’t the best defensively and has a pretty poor arm.

The Yankees would also be saving some money. Romine would probably want like $3 million for two or three years, and instead they could use that money to help pursue a starting pitcher.

And, the Yankees have another catcher that they could use as a backup. Enter Kyle Higashioka.

Higgy has served as the “third catcher” when Gary Sanchez is hurt and when the roster expands. He’s 29, but has bounced up and down for three years now.

He’s shown some potential, batting .214 in 56 at-bats this year and having a good year in AAA. But previously, he really struggled in the MLB and was even struggling in AAA at times.

I like Austin Romine and all, but it’s just time to part ways with him. He deserves a better role, and the Yankees could be saving some money and resources by not resigning him.