New York Mets, Robinson Cano

New York Mets: Robinson Cano aiming to go back to his vintage version

Several offensive stars showed up on the New York Mets‘ camp over the weekend. One of them was Jed Lowrie, who came with a large brace in his left knee that, according to himself, helps “alleviate his symptoms.” Also reporting was one of the star acquisitions of last year’s offseason: Robinson Cano.

The second baseman came in the trade that also brought reliever Edwin Diaz to the Mets before the 2019 season. Both had disappointing years for their standards, but in Cano’s case, he says he is ready to leave last year behind.

The Dominican spent the entire offseason strengthening his legs at home with the hope of avoiding the aches, pains and strains on major muscles that kept him on the disabled list, or limited, during much of the year.

Yes, Cano is already 37 years old and the best of his career is behind him. But he can still be a productive hitter, as evidenced by his .303/.374/.471 line with 135 wRC+ in 2018. That was with the Mariners.

A disappointing first season with the Mets

Last season, with the New York Mets, he put up a .256/.307/.428 line with a 93 wRC. He hit just 13 home runs in 423 plate appearances. However, he was plagued by leg injuries.

Cano spent time on the injured list due to left quad and hamstring injuries. In fact, he visited the IL on three separate occasions. “I don’t want to say it (the first season with the Mets) went the way I want,” Cano said to Mike Puma of the New York Post. “I can do better and that is my goal this year, to stay healthy.”

Upon reporting to the Mets’ camp, Cano said that he can get back to being “the Robbie you guys are used to seeing.”

“I just have to prevent whatever happened in the past,” Cano said. “You have got to get those parts of your body stronger so then I don’t go back again and get injured.”

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