New York Mets: Jeurys Familia is worried about injuries when things resume

For the New York Mets and the MLB in general, the past few weeks have been slow. Most of the players are training at home with the hope there is a season to play. The league, the union and health authorities are still deciding if it is worth playing this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. The earliest date, at this point, that the regular season can start would be early July, with a couple of spring training weeks in June.

However, that may be, according to Mets’ reliever Jeurys Familia, pushing things a little bit. The righty, who has been working out with the newly signed Dellin Betances under the close look of Dave Paladino in New Jersey, thinks that he and the former Yankees’ pitcher will be fine, but he is worried about other players.

“I think it’ll cause a lot of injuries,” Familia told Pat Ragazzo of Metsmerized. “Most guys aren’t fortunate enough to have the same level of training as me and Dellin. Thank God Dave is allowing us to use his facility so we can throw every day, stretch out our arms, and get the proper physical training we need to prepare.”

The Mets’ reliever have been in touch with the team trainer

Betances made the news early in the spring because his velocity was somewhat down. However, he says he is over the issue now. Familia told Ragazzo that the two relievers have been in constant touch with the New York Mets’ trainer.

“We’ve been in contact with the team trainer, so we come here every day to work on what they give us to do,” he said. “We’ve been staying physically and mentally prepared. That’s the key for us.”

Mets’ pitching coach Jeremy Hefner made a priority for his pitchers to keep throwing and preparing themselves to jump right in when things restart.

“I think the biggest thing that Hef has told me is keep the same intent,” Steven Matz recently said via the Mets about Hefner’s instructions. “Everything should have a purpose while you’re working out or throwing. Keep up the game speed. Act as though this is what you would be doing if the season was going on.”

Familia is eager to return to form in 2020 after an ugly season in 2019. He lost weight and reported to spring training in tip-top shape.