New York Mets: Jacob deGrom on missing baseball and lost time

Public health and the wellbeing of millions of Americans is more important than anything in the world, and that’s for sure. However, we can’t hide that we miss baseball, and we would like to see the New York Mets take the field this year. That is not a given, in fact, because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has killed thousands of people around the world.

Everything has happened so fast that it feels like the blink of an eye. Suddenly, the Mets were playing spring training games, then play was halted, and after that, there is a growing feeling that watching baseball again this year is a longshot.

For the New York Mets’ ace Jacob deGrom, the situation is no different. He, like the rest of us, badly wants baseball to return.

“The weirdest day for me was when it was supposed to be Opening Day,” deGrom said on Monday in a phone interview to’s Anthony DiComo. “I hadn’t been home all that long and I was like, ‘Wow, I’m supposed to be pitching today.’ I just miss the competition. I miss being around the guys.

“I was kind of like, ‘Ah man, I really wish we were playing.’ But at the same time, it’s hard to even think that way because people are losing their lives over this. The whole situation, nobody wants to be in this. We’re not able to play the game, but there are more important things.”

The Mets’ ace is losing a season of his prime

For deGrom, it hurts to realize that this break is robbing him from a season of his prime, which is important at the time of personal accolades like Hall of Fame eligibility and other recognitions. So far, he has had a Hall of Fame-worthy career, with a 2.62 ERA with 1,255 strikeouts in 1,101 2/3 innings.

“You’re only good for so long,” deGrom said. “And I felt really good this spring, so that definitely crossed my mind. I guess now, I’ve just got try to stay good for a few more years.”

The Mets’ ace is working to remain in shape while at his home in DeLand. He is riding a back in a 12-mile round-trip trail near his house, and while he stopped throwing bullpens, he plans on resuming this week.

“I feel like I could ramp it up pretty quick right now,” deGrom said.

“We miss the game as much as the biggest fans,” deGrom said. “That’s why we play this. We want to be out there competing in front of the fans. That’s what we do this for. I just hope that everybody stays safe, and hopefully things get back to normal and we’re back out there doing what we love, and competing in front of the best fans in baseball.”