MLB: “Several players and staff” have tested positive for COVID-19 according to AP

Andres Chavez

It looks like everything is falling apart in baseball world, at least in the United States of America. Not only the players and owners can’t agree to the fair compensation of the former in the event of returning to play, but now, there is another big issue that may also interfere with any plans of having baseball back this year.

Per an MLB letter obtained by the Associated Press, “several players and staff” have tested positive for COVID-19.

That would be huge news because no MLB players were known to test positive for the virus until this report came to light. There are no names, though. A couple of New York Yankees minor league players tested positive a couple of months ago.

MLB and the union aren’t budging

MLB owners and the players’ association, led by Tony Clark, can’t agree on critical issues such as the number of games to play this season and the compensation and payment for those games. That’s why commissioner Rob Manfred backed off last week’s comments and is now pessimistic about having a season this year.

At the same time those issues are taking place in the negotiations between MLB and the union, COVID-19 cases in the country are beginning to spike, as are hospitalizations. It may be too dangerous to attempt a return to begin with, considering that some of the actors involved, such as managers, coaches, umpires and directives, may be at high risk.

Manfred has the right to impose a season in the 50-game range, but that may trigger a legal response by the players’ association because there might be enough space in the calendar to fit more games and a 50-game season might go against the terms agreed on March.

For now, stay tuned: we may or may not have baseball this season, but the events currently taking place in the middle of the pandemic make owners look worse than ever.