MLB Rumors: League Likely To Play Beginning Of Season With No Fans

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Sources say that no matter when the 2020 MLB season starts, the first part of the season will likely be played without fans.

This isn’t a huge surprise, but by playing some games with no fans, the season could potentially start sooner. It’s not ideal for anyone, but it’s for sure a lot better than starting the season even later or not at all.

Right now, there isn’t a set date for when the season will start. The MLB is continuing to work with the CDC and other health officials, and once the entire COVID-19 situation improves, the league can make a schedule.

Teams will also need another spring training of some type. It will probably only be for a few weeks, but it will be enough for players to get ready again. Hopefully, they can do this once the CDC and the president says it’s safe enough for gatherings of a few hundred people.

If they have good enough models, maybe they can set a date where they know it would be safe enough to allow fans into games. That way, it shouldn’t be as big of a ticketing nightmare.

Unfortunately, we won’t know a whole lot more for a few weeks. It’s unlikely that there will be any activity for at least a month or so, but we can only hope that the situation will get better each day throughout April.

For right now, all we can do is to continue to wash our hands and practice social distancing whenever possible. The more people that do this, the quicker the entire COVID-19 situation will improve without shutting down society entirely.

Stay safe, ESM Nation!

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